Fam. den Boer

1st Guest at arrival


Good evening,

Well, we are installed! What a great house. Not enough superlatives to describe our impression!

A warm welcome, that delicious coffee. We immediately poured the wine with the takeaway pizzas.

We do feel at home here! The question is whether those 2 weeks are enough... ;-)


Fam. den Boer

1st Guest after departure


+ the space, great that there is so much space in the house, also for the suitcases which we stored downstairs

+ the incredibly complete inventory: striking: the excellent coffee machine, the laundry basket and also the quantities of things in the kitchen, ideal!

+ the wine cabinet, just that little bit of extra luxury

+ 3 freezer drawers, handy for ice creams and pizzas

+ the warm welcome: the beans in the coffee machine, toilet paper in the toilets, a bottle of wine on the table, beds made and the towels presented in a nice way


Fam. Kok

2nd Guest


We have used the coffee machine regularly. Excellent device, maybe we'll buy it too.

We enjoyed your beautiful home. We had to laugh because we also have an open kitchen on the first floor with a view across the street in front, only the (steam) train is missing.


The house is very spacious and the facilities are certainly very well organized for the four of us. Only thing we were missing was a tablecloth (especially with those beautiful open placemats). But don't worry, we certainly were able to manage.


Fam. Westerdijk

3rd Guest


Unfortunately tonight is already the last night in your lovely home. We enjoyed it tremendously. What a complete house in a nice place. We have seen a lot of the area but also cocooned nicely. Tomorrow we will depart for Igls, to stay at a hotel for a few days and see another side of Austria. We hope to come back someday! many thanks 🙏


Fam. Kamps

Guest Christmas 2021

"The house is tastefully furnished and fully equipped. Very pleasant communication with the landlord."

Valuation: 9.9/10.0

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Fam. Lenderink

Guest March 2023

"Very nice house. Everything was new and clean. Very nice and hospitable, involved owners."

Valuation: 10.0/10.0

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