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  1. The tenant: the one (m / f) who hires the holiday home in his or her name.
  2. The landlord: the owner of the holiday home or his representative.
  3. The lease: an agreement to (re) rent of a holiday home and that is deemed to have come about between the tenant and landlord.
  4. Rental price: Price per night the number of agreed overnight stays. The rental price can be increased by costs and deposit.
  5. Deposit: the part of the rental price that the tenant is owed to the landlord when booking.
  6. Deposit: Amount that the tenant pays in advance on arrival at the holiday home to the landlord for any costs, damage or loss for which the tenant is responsible.
  7. Arrival and departure time: the times that have been agreed between the tenant and landlord for involving the house.

Reservation and cancellation

  1. An application for reservation of a holiday home is exclusively through booking on the internet. Reception is confirmed with a request to deposit.
  2. The deposit must be paid immediately upon reservation via the internet booking system (through one of the payment kits offered).
  3. After receiving the deposit by Haus Estelle, the reservation is definitively confirmed and the lease is established. For canceling by the tenant after this confirmation, costs are therefore due.
  4. If canceled by the tenant within 2 months before arrival date, this owes a reimbursement of 10% of the rental sum (excluding costs and deposit), - in case of cancellation within 1 month before arrival date, a reimbursement of 25% of this The rental sum (excluding costs and deposit) and - in case of cancellation within 14 days before arrival date, this reimbursement is the full rental sum.
  5. The tenant themselves ensures cancellation insurance.


  1. The rent (including deposit) is fully paid via the bank.
  2. A down-payment of 10%, of the total amount, is required when a booking is made. This is to ensure a guaranteed reservation.
  3. The full rental price must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival.
  4. When a booking is made within 4 weeks prior to arrival full payment, via the bank, is required.
  5. After the 1st reminder - failure to comply with the payment obligation, the reservation will be canceled without obligation to reimburse an already paid deposit.
  6. Departure other than planned - regardless of reason or cause - does not lead to a refund of paid rent and costs for cleaning.
  7. If Haus Estelle through force majeure or sale of the holiday home is forced to cancel the rental agreement, the tenant will be informed by the owner via e-mail. Haus Estelle obliges itself to immediately reimbursement of amounts already paid. The tenant has no other right than reclaiming this amount.


  1. The tenant has to transfer a guarantee of € 250. This guarantee must be paid at the final payment of the travel sum.
  2. From this guarantee the landlord will withdraw funds if the tenant, his co-tenants, visitors or included pets, some damage has been caused to the home, inventory and / or the living environment or if the payment obligations have not been met.
  3. The holiday home will be delivered neat and "broom clean" after the stay by the tenant. Crockery with accessories is cleaned and placed back in the cupboards. Moved furniture must be placed back in the original place. Damage, defects or losses must be reported directly by the tenant to the landlord or manager.
  4. The final inspection on claims will be done after the departure of the tenant.


  1. The tenant remains legally liable for damage he caused, even if this damage is adopted after the stay.
  2. The tenant is legally liable for his (not) acting as well as the acts of his co-tenants and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause. The tenant must be insured against legal liability.
  3. Complaints from the tenant who are the result of not in accordance with the house compared to the description on the site or the poor state of maintenance of the house or garden on arrival of the tenant serve within 24 hours of arrival reported to the manager.
  4. The landlord accepts no liability for damage which the tenant and / or his middle residents and / or visit or their possession experiences as a result of his stay in the holiday home or surrounding garden.
  5. The landlord accepts no liability for damage in connection with theft, eclipse or loss of goods that are in the rented space (s) or on the site. These cases stay in the rented property or on the grounds of Haus Estelle for a / or stakeholder's own risk of the landlord.

Number of persons

  1. A person is understood to mean an adult or a child (being a person under 18 years).
  2. The number of people who may spend the night in a holiday home may under no circumstances be exceeded. In no case may this number be greater than 8 people per home.
  3. In the event of an exceedance, the lease is legally considered to be dissolved and access to the house will be denied without reimbursement or reimbursement.


  1. Reporting complaints about the cleanliness found of the holiday home upon arrival at the manager so that the issues can be resolved in consultation.
  2. Any financial compensation by subsequently reported complaints is excluded.


  1. Smoking indoors is not permitted.


  1. Pets are only allowed, in consultation, in the summer when there are less than 5 guests in the house.

Arrival and departure times

  1. The arrival time is from 16:00, in the afternoon.
  2. The departure is 10:00, at the latest, in the morning.
  3. The tenant must strictly adhere to these times unless otherwise agreed and recorded in advance.
  4. If the tenant exceeds the departure time, a subsequent rental period may be charged and all the resulting costs and any claims of subsequent tenants are borne by the barring tenant.

Responsibilities and obligations

  1. In connection with the proper course of the stay, the tenant is obliged to comply with the landlord and manager guidelines and the tenant is legally liable for the damage resulting from his unlawful behavior or non-compliance with the directives of these Terms and conditions.
  2. The tenant undertakes to respect the rented house including furniture and its environment, including the noise level in the environment.
  3. The tenant is obliged to provide access to home or garden for necessary repairs and garden maintenance.
  4. At departure the tenant is responsible for ensuring that all available household appliances such as the washing machine, oven or dishwasher etc. are empty and clean. Failure to do so could imply that additional costs will be charged.
  5. Use of sound, image and household appliances is subject to proper functioning.


  1. A link has been made to third-party websites in different places on our site. This is the case, for example, with links and tips. Haus Estelle is not responsible nor liable for the content thereof.

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